The First Anti-Fungal, Cosmetic, and Nail Renewal Treatment All . in . One

The Tolcylen Difference…

Tolcylen™ is the first antifungal, cosmetic, and nail renewal treatment, all in one product. It’s available without a prescription and dispensed exclusively through physicians. Tolnaftate 1% and Undecylenic Acid 25% can prevent and cure fungal infections while acting as a cleansing/emulsifying agent and organic preservative. Urea, Lactic Acid and Propylene Glycol softens, thins and lightens brittle and discolored nails while acting as a penetrating agent for the other ingredients. Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E moisturizes and revitalizes nails, while promoting healthy nail appearance and growth. The patented delivery system is user friendly and the applicator tip controls flow while effectively dispensing medication on/ under the edges of nails. Also available: Tolcylen™ Skin Cream and Shoe Spray.

A patented delivery system facilitates application of the product through an applicator brush tip that controls the flow of medication while effectively dispensing the product on or under the edges of nails, according to the company.

Doctors Smith and Klein, prescribe Tolcylen to treat a variety of nail deformities, including fungal nails, psoriatic nail conditions and onycholysis. Dr. Gudas, who has experience using a variety of antifungal treatments, praises the effectiveness of Tolcylen.

“I have utilized oral antifungal therapy, local therapy, including Clarus and Formula 3, and prescription local medications, including Jublia and Kerydin, and have found Tolcylen to be the most effective of all because of the combination ingredients,” says Dr. Michael Klein.

According to Dr. Frank Smith, Tolcylen allows for improved nail appearance in a relatively short time.

“The other products do not have the combination of ingredients with the ability to rapidly penetrate the nail bed as seen with Tolcylen,” notes Dr. Frank Smith. “It has been impressive.”

Laurel Foot and Ankle Center has successfully used Tolcylen to treat onychomycosis, nail dystrophy and brittle nails.

“(The product is) simple to apply. There is no odor. The medication is clear and dries quickly. There’s no need to touch the medication, and patients find it easy to adhere with the treatment protocol,” says Dr. Smith. “Patients love the easy applicator brush.”

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